Veterinary Dental Solutions

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Veterinarian with Cat
James Moore, DVM owns Veterinary Dental Solutions (VDS), a division of Harborfront Hospital for Animals located in Spring Lake, Michigan.

Dr. Moore holds a DVM as well as an Advanced Practice Management Certificate from Michigan State University and has been an associate professor of oral surgery at the MSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital since 2005.

In addition to completing more than 700 hours of continuing education courses in basic and oral surgery techniques, Dr. Moore has authored numerous articles in veterinary journals as well as several chapters in veterinary dentistry textbooks.

He lectures to veterinarians and veterinary technicians at dental seminars around the country on topics including maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery, endodontia and surgical endodontia, surgical extraction and dental cleaning, scaling and polishing.

Dr. Moore is a member of the American Veterinary Dental Society as well as American Veterinary Dental Educators, and The Feline Practitioners Association.

Typical VDS procedures:
Endodontia (Root Canal Therapy): Used to repair fractured or discolor teeth, or those which have become non-vital from a jaw fracture.

Oral Fractures (Jaw fractures): While they seem frightening, oral fractures are common in pets and can occur when an animal is hit by a car, from a tumor or even severe periodontal disease.

Orthodontia: Without a doubt, people curious about veterinary dentistry ask the most questions about "dogs wearing braces." Moving teeth in veterinary medicine is accomplished not for aesthetics but to alleviate pain and return function to the pet.

Crown placement (Prostodontia): Crowns are often used to strengthen teeth which are at risk due to wear or fracture, however the most common reasons for a crow is to strengthen teeth which have been repaired with root canal therapy.